Very Superstitious – Washi Tape at a Lucky 60% off

Original price $39.92 Now only $1.99

Happy Friday the 13th!  We’ve got a superstitious deal at 60% off 

The very superstitious  day just got a whole lot better.
Ever hear the superstition you’ll get 7 years bad luck for breaking a mirror, that walking under a ladder is a “no-no” or that washi tape is on sale for just $1.99?  Well, these all may not be true but your in luck today because we’ve got washi tape at $1.99 (although we don’t recommend you go walking under ladders and breaking mirrors).

Don’t know about washi tape?  Welcome to the party.  This amazing tape is widely popular because it sticks to many surfaces and it even sticks to itself, which comes in super handy in a variety of crafts… check out the pics and see how we turned boring paperclips and clothespins in something gorgeous.  Add it to scrapbook pages, handmade cards, packages, notebooks, glassware, wood, metal, and SO much more.

Check out these common superstitions and washi tape styles for just $1.99 roll:
(insert Napoleon Dynamite saying “Lucky” right here)

  1. He loves me, he loves me notPink Hearts – SOLD OUT
  2. Lucky Rabbit’s FootAqua Stripes – SOLD OUT
  3. Don’t walk under that ladderLime Chevron 
  4. Found a lucky horseshoeTurquoise Dots – SOLD OUT
  5. Found a head’s up pennyMod Triangles – SOLD OUT
  6. Don’t open an umbrella insidePink Quatrefoil – SOLD OUT
  7. Don’t let the black cat cross your pathGray Polka Dots – SOLD OUT
  8. Knock on WoodNavy Blue Wallpaper – SOLD OUT
  9. One of each (one of each roll, 8 rolls total) – $15.92 – SOLD OUT

Pink Hearts and Mod Triangle measure 5/8″ wide an 5m long.  All other rolls measure 5/8″ wide and 10m long.

Shipping Info: Your deal will ship on or before September 24, 2013.


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